Dent Way, Inc., Auto Paintless Dent Repair, Chicago, IL  

                                  Welcome to "Dent Way PDR"                              

                              Paintless Dent Repair ( PDR ) is the "art" of removing  
                              dents, typical door dings, creases including  "HAIL"
                              and other minor or major dents from automobile
                              sheet metal with the use of specially designed tools.
                              By gaining access to the inside skin of the metal,
                              gentle pressure is applied until the dent is removed.
                              Because PDR works from behind the vehicle's
                              damage,no sanding, painting or body fillers
                              are required.When repairs are completed,
                              there should be no  evidence a dent was ever there.

                              We have been providing
                              Paintless Dent Removal and
                           !!!  Hail Damage Repair  !!!
                                                  Since 2005.
                              Our Services include but are
                              not limited to:
                              -Mobile Service
                             -Free Estimate
                             -Lifetime Warranty
                             -Insurance Work Accepted
                             -Customer Satisfaction Guaranted !!!